About Us


Although Onis are known as supernatural creatures who punish people who are sent to hell, some are protectors that bring stability and good fortune. As humans, we have a dark side to us that we try our best to tame but can actually be a useful tool for certain events that we come across in life. That declaration of immorality that we try to suppress must be brought to the surface when we are on our journey to enlightenment.


The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”- Edmund Burke


Our values line up with the cultural phenomenon of the “oni mask,” we don’t hide from the truth even if it brings a lot of turmoil to our lives. We create a dialogue with our dark side to better understand ourselves, instead of creating fantasies that can be harmful if our minds aren’t disciplined. As strong men and women, we can’t hide away being cowardice. We must face our fear head-on, but there will be times where we would need to put on a mask to hide our expression in a time of war.

Notorious Lift isn’t just an ordinary strength brand, we try to cultivate a sense of righteousness and integrity through the products we create. If we can’t be innovative with our ideas, we won’t bring it to the market as it won’t add any great value to our consumers.